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     82% of enterprise customers work with trusted advisors to help make & execute technology purchasing decisions.

Avant's State of Disruption Study; for more information please see full report at

We help you make educated, informed, and unbiased decisions.

While vendor-agnostic, our team of sales engineers has fully vetted a network of top-tier providers many of whom are industry-leading and covered by Gartner.  Executive level relationships provide in-depth knowledge.


Viewed as an extension of your IT team, we demystify the landscape, help save you time and money, plus continue to partner with you while in the solution. 

colocation & data center space

If owning your own hardware and managing your environment is crucial then housing your gear inside a 3rd party data center is the way to go. There are hundreds of providers around the globe each with their own unique characteristics from location, tax incentives, sustainability, redundancy, security, network offerings, reputation, scalability, and flexibility. Having insight into their day-to-day operations enables you to make a well-informed decision.


retail. Single or multiple lockable cabinets with a fixed “all in” monthly pricing model. Contracting with tier III or IV data centers, you operate what’s inside the cabinet and supply your own hardware. wholesale. Starting north of 100 racks or 500kW, you manage the space and have greater flexibility of the environment. Pricing is a $ per kW model based on three components; space, amount of contracted power with a cooling uplift, and your actual power draw.


Your servers are leased and hosted by a provider in their environment. An operational expense vs. a capital expense. Dedicated to you. Fully managed or self-managed with layers of security and compliance.  


public. A multi-tenant shared resource. private. A dedicated resource. hybrid. A combination that allows workloads to flow between public, private and on-prem deployments. Connection to your cloud platforms resulting in greater performance and reduced costs. migration. A managed service to help you move your workloads into or out of a cloud. dedicated server. Lease a fully customizable private secure server. Less maintenance worry. Quick deployment time. Fast performance. Great for gaming companies and ad tech. UcaaS. The unifying of systems so they communicate with each other; email, phone,  to crm systems, which is extremely important with today's distributed work force.


Connectivity is no longer a phone or internet line and now truly connects the world and your applications together. Providing network services for your data center, office, and applications. 


bandwidth. Partnering with you to determine your connectivity needs whether DIA, point to point, dark fiber, blended, flat, burstable, BGP, and IPv4/IPv6 assistance. cloud connect. Private, secure connection to your cloud platforms resulting in greater performance and reduced costs. 60-70% reduced data egress rates. 44% average latency reduction.  sd-wan. Quickly replacing WAN, simplifies the management and operation of WAN. Quick turn-up. Real-time traffic management. Flexibility to meet changing needs. Cost savings. One site to global solutions.


Protecting your environment from outside threats and ensuring systems are in compliance. 


risk assessment. Start by determining where you're vulnerable. endpoint protection. Unified solution to protect laptops, desktops, and mobile devices including firewalls, anti-virus, anti-spyware. access control. Just as it sounds, who can sign in to your systems and how. DDoS mitigation. Solutions to aid in determining what is high volume internet traffic from a distributed attack.

something else in mind

The world of IT is rapidly evolving and our customers continue to partner with us on new solutions. 

please reach out to see where we can go together...

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